Case Management

Workers’ Compensation injury management requires a collaborative effort between the physician, patient, and employer. Work Kare makes every effort to return employees to work without incurring lost work time. Although our treatment program emphasizes a prompt return-to-work, a light duty program is utilized where medically appropriate. Case managers supervise and monitor your employees' progress to ensure they are healthy and back to full duty work as soon as possible.

Reporting Systems

Communication is a chief factor in the success of our case management program. Work Kare is committed to providing employers with fast, reliable information. Our case managers keep employers informed regarding an employee’s status, specific treatment plan, and return to duty instructions. Employers are alerted immediately of any missed appointments.

Case Managers

Work Kare is dedicated to offering you the finest case management staff available. We have certified case managers prepared to handle all of your Workers’ Compensation concerns. Our knowledgeable staff has the skills and experience to work for your company.

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