Drug Screens

Many businesses throughout the United States have an established drug-screening program. Work Kare provides this service as part of our continuum of occupational health to be included in your employment process, workers’ compensation/post accident cases, random screenings, and reasonable suspicion programs. Drug screen results are usually received in one to three days and the employer is notified immediately of all negative screens. In the event an employee produces a positive result, our Medical Review Officer will contact him/her.

Work Kare offers the following types of drug screens:

  • Substance Abuse Panel 5 (SAP 5)
  • Drug Screen Collections
  • Breath Alcohol/Intoxilyzer
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Substance Abuse Panel 10 (SAP 10)
  • Hair Collections
  • Quick Tests
  • On-site Testing (Minimum of 10)

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